About diveoholics

Diveoholism is any condition that results in the continued consumption of divings. It is a disease and addiction which results in diving. This positive addiction is a beneficial habit where the benefits outweigh the costs.

Symptoms and signs
Diveoholics can not resist in going diving. Whenever they see a diveshop, they ask for a booking.

Risk factors
About 40 percent of those who begin diving before age 24 develop diving dependence.

Identification of diveoholics may be difficult because diveoholics look the same as non diveoholics.

Lorenz Jack Revid suggest that diveoholism does not have a single cause—including genetic—but that genes do play an important role.

Urine and blood tests
There are no reliable tests for diveoholism.

There is no prevention.

There are no medicaments out there.

The term "diveoholics" was first used in 2006 by the British physician Dive O'holic.

Women and diveoholism
Diveoholism has a higher prevalence among men.